Visiting Krka National Park Croatia

Krka National Park

We have definitely developed a strong affinity for waterfalls on this trip.  Coming from Houston, we do not encounter many waterfalls (or even hills for that matter) in our daily lives, so we more fully appreciate these beauties of nature when we find them.  So, naturally, while we were in Split we made a day trip up to Krka National Park to see the series of seven waterfalls we had read about.

We entered the park at the Lozovac entrance, which is the primary entrance from the main road for individual drivers and buses.  There is free parking.  As with many places in Croatia, our October visit put us a little after the main tourist season but there were still quite a few people there and most of the facilities were open.

Around the parking lot, there are restaurants, small shops and toilets available.  When we visited, the toilets by the parking lot were free and the toilets by the shops/restaurant were charging 5 Kuna.  You purchase park tickets here and take a bus down to the walkways along the water. The bus runs April to October – other times you can drive yourself to the waterfalls.

Similar to Plitvice Lakes National Park, viewing the waterfalls at Krka consists of walking along a variety of paths and boardwalks close to flowing water and travertines.

The kids like to take a break from their normal pictures occasionally just to mix it up.

Close to the end of the main walking area there are several restaurants and food vendors.  There is also a place where people are allowed to swim at the base of one of the waterfalls, but swimming is not allowed after October 1 so we were not able to try it out.

It is a bit surprising that swimming is allowed at all.  At one time swimming was allowed at Plitvice Lakes National Park but it was banned because sunscreen was damaging the environment and disrupting the formation of the travertines.

Even in October it can get crowded so it is best to arrive early in the day!

Happily, instead of swimming we did find Pag cheese and beer at the restaurant so we were all pretty happy.

Summing Up

We really enjoyed our visit to Krka National Park and definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

In our next update we’ll catch a boat and get a taste of island life in Croatia. 🙂