The penultimate stop on our Australian adventure was Perth, the capital of Western Australia and hometown of Annette’s mother, Diane (and many cousins). During our stay we had a great time reuniting/meeting with family and friends.

The fall weather was perfect and we enjoyed spending time outdoors in some of the wonderful parks around town.

Caversham Wildlife Park

During our journey through Australia we got to know quite a lot about the native animals by visiting zoos and animal sanctuaries.

While in Perth we went to Caversham Wildlife Park, where we were able to get up close to some friendly kangaroos.

The kids were a bit apprehensive at first but soon got the hang of feeding.

There were a few wallabies as well!

At the park we also got to see our second sheep shearing demonstration (the first one was in New Zealand).

Afterwards the kids got to try their hand at milking a cow.

We were proud of them for being brave enough to hold a snake!

The wombat was a bit cuter.

King’s Park

Just to the west of Perth’s central business district is King’s Park, which occupies nearly 1,000 acres. This wonderful green space is planted with both native and imported species.

This boab tree is from Australia, but nearly 2,000 miles away from its current location; it was relocated to make way for a highway bridge.

The park has two main playgrounds, including Synergy Parkland that features a play structure on an island.

Here we found some ferocious looking dinosaur statues.

Port Beach

At Port Beach the kids took their first swim in the Indian ocean.

Meanwhile, the adults took a stroll in the lovely white sand.

We loved our stay in Perth and wish we could have stayed longer. Special thanks to Diane’s longtime friend Pam who hosted us during our stay!