It all starts with a dream


A few years ago, we came across an article entitled “The Let’s-Sell-Our-House-and-See-the-World Retirement“.  In it we learned about two retirees who are spending their retirement living in furnished apartments in various countries around the world.  Some people may read this and think those people are insane.  We are not those people.  Instead, we thought that was an absolutely genius idea and happily started thinking about the wonderful places we could live when we retired.  In the meantime we carried on, working in jobs we really like, spending time with our three kids and just generally living our lives. And then one day it dawned on us…the people in the article were in their late 60’s when they retired!  We are in our mid-30’s so that seems a LONG time from now.  We asked ourselves, as many people do: why wait until retirement? why not take our kids on this marvelous adventure? Thus, “The Dream” was born and here it is:

In four years (or less), we will take a full year-long sabbatical from our jobs, home-school our kids and travel the world.

We are just beginning the planning of this fantastic adventure.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and this is ours. In an effort to keep ourselves motivated and organized, as well as to inspire, collaborate with  and inform others interested in similar endeavors, we will be tracking our planning and ultimately our travels on this blog.  We hope you enjoy it!