So, what’s this site all about?

First and foremost, this site is a place for us to chronicle our experience as we plan, experience, and reflect on our upcoming 14 month-long family sabbatical.

If you’re thinking “why are they doing this?”, find the answer in this blog post.

Importantly, we also hope to inspire others to travel and explore, whether it be for a long sabbatical or a short weekend trip.

We aren’t experts on travel, parenting, roadschooling, or blogging.  We’re going to learn a lot on the way and we’ll share our experiences so others can learn from our mistakes and successes.

Some of the topics we plan to take on:

  • Pros and cons of taking a sabbatical from work
  • How to stretch your budget by finding great travel deals
  • Destination reviews
  • Family travel tips
  • Roadschooling resources and experiences
  • Tips of traveling with kids
  • Packing and travel gear tips


Who are we?

The Intrepid Parents20141221_132114

Hi!  We’re Annette and Wes.  We met at university and bonded during a summer trip in Europe while Wes was taking part in a study abroad program and Annette was backpacking her way through Europe before starting her career.  Travel is our passion.  Our biggest adventure (until now) was when we moved to Hong Kong for two years shortly after getting married.  Our international travels have slowed down a bit for the last few years because we have been focused on building up our little family; instead we have spent many vacations road tripping across the USA in our trusty van.  🙂


Wes hails from a small town in the Texas hill country.  An avid runner, he will be trying to stick to a training schedule during the trip so he can take part in the 2018 Athens marathon in November 2018.


Wes’ better half on this journey is Annette.  Although her day job has her doing accounting work, two of her greatest passions are family and travel so she cannot imagine a better way to spend her time than combining those two loves.

The Intrepid Children


The three Intrepid kids are geared up for this adventure.  The eldest is a great big sister who enjoys planning activities and writing imaginative stories.  Our middle son is a problem-solver whose favorite activities lately are Minecraft and Legos.  The youngest of the family is energetic, fun-loving, and sometimes mischievous.  The kids will take an active role in this adventure and will be sharing their perspectives in future posts.

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