Trip down Memory Lane: Xi’an China

As we reflect on where we want to go on our next adventure it is fun to look back on some of the trips that we have taken in the past.  No strangers to travel, we have already been fortunate to see many wonderful places in the world .  We are excited to see more and to share these experiences with our kids.

For our first installment we go to Xi’an, China, home of the famous Terracotta Warriors.  There is more to the historic city than just the warriors.  The Bell Tower was built in 1384 and blends harmonious with the modern world around it.

Bell Tower at night

Bell Tower at night

As for the Terracotta Army itself, we were surprised by how large and extensive the complex is.  They have been able to reconstruct a considerable number of warriors and horses.  Although they have traveling exhibits to museums around the world, it is worth visiting in person to get a full impression of the immense project this must have been when they were constructed over 2,000 years ago.



Many are unfamiliar with the history of Xi’an and know it only for the Terracotta Army but there is so much more to experience in the area.  Xi’an is also home to one of the oldest and best preserved city walls in China.  A highlight of our visit was renting bicycles and riding the wall around the city.



As with any trip, one of the best parts is learning about and interacting with the local people.  Whether we were buying produce from local vendors (delicious pomegranite), checking out the local skating rink or watching the stock traders watch the market, it was a fascinating glimpse into life in China.


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